Meet The Team


Dental Assistant

Helen is originally from the Philippines, lived in California for 11 years, and moved to Arizona in 2005.  She has been a team member at our office since 2006.  We have been very fortunate to have her at our office due to her extensive dental knowledge.  She received her dental doctorate license in the Philippines prior to moving to the United States.  Helen is fluent in Tagalog, Ilocano, and English.  She likes to create a positive experience for our patients and enjoys helping people achieve quality dental care in our office.

Helen has a love for singing, cooking, traveling and spending time with her husband, Fabian, and their cat, Cookie.  She loves to talk about football and many of the television programs that she watches weekly.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Kellie came to Arizona from Spokane, Washington in 2014 and joined Dulvick Dentistry right after moving here.  A dental hygienist for 23 years, she likes to connect personally with her patients while providing individualized care to help them achieve optimal dental health.  Outside of the office, Kellie enjoys outdoor activities such as running, hiking, camping, and gardening.  She also loves spending time with her husband, Charlie and her children and grandchildren.


Dental Assistant

Denise is an Arizona native who started her dental assisting career in 2010.  She has two daughters who she enjoys shopping and spending time with.  Denise enjoys meditating, planting, going to music festivals, and camping. Her favorite things about her jobs is getting to help people love their smile.